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Save the  Whales
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1991 - Present


  • ABC News
  • Cal State, Long Beach
  • CBS News (National), 4 appearances
  • Century Cable
  • Channel 7 News (2 appearances), Fred Anderson interview (gray whales)
  • Channel 13 News, 2 appearances
  • Channel 9 “Cross Talk” - SeaWorld veterinarian and Maris Sidenstecker and the issue of orcas in captivity.  Station rec’d numerous phone calls regarding show bias and a video of the interview is presently used as a teaching aide in university journalism class to show bias by media.
  • CNN News (National)
  • Continental Cable
  • “Designing The Future” Cable
  • Don Bowen Cable TV Show "Around Town" 1/23/13 Interview about Whalefest
  • E – Entertainment – Cable
  • Environmental Directions (National) – Cable
  • Hard Copy (National) – nominated for Genesis Award
  • Hollywood Upbeat (HBO Channel 3)
  • Home Show (National)
  • Homer Simpson says “Save The Whales” on The Simpsons
  • Joan Quinn Show – Cable
  • Inside Los Angeles Today – Cable
  • KCAL News
  • Kelly Lange Show (1970s)
  • KCBS 2 The Point (Channel 2)
  • KHSC – Channel 46
  • KHSU – Ontario
  • KION – Pollution Markers For Storm Drains Distributed Throughout Monterey. Interview with Maris Sidenstecker aired on the local Monterey News KION, March 2013.
  • KION – One Million Dollar Community Investment. Interview with Maris Sidenstecker that aired on the local Monterey News KION, August 2012.
  • KSBW Whalefest Monterey 2013 - January 27, 2013 (see video)
  • KTLA News
  • Noontime (1970s)
  • “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” TV series in which main characters wore Save The Whales T-shirts and discussed saving whales.
  • “Week in Review” – Century Cable
  • Scrubs commercial 07 - Al Gore says he has to go save a whale
  • TV Guide Channel-host wearing a Save The Whales tee
  • Your Sanctuary Episode 3 "Whaling to Watching" Interview with Maris Sidenstecker that aired on the local cable channel Access Monterey Peninsula, March 2012.


  • CRON
  • CKRK
  • CKHQ
  • KFI
  • KGIL
  • KIDE
  • KKOS (Carlsbad, CA)
  • KLAC
  • KMUD
  • KNX
  • KOST
  • KPWR
  • KROQ
  • KRXA “Tomorrow Matters,” Monterey, CA re storm water issues
  • KRXA “Tomorrow Matters,” Monterey, CA re Vaquita: most endangered cetacean & STW's New CD: Songs to Heal Our Planet
  • KZLA
  • WUOT
  • WBBM
  • WOZQ
  • WSLU


  • Argonaut Newspaper (4 times), Marina del Rey, CA
  • The Arizona Daily Star
  • Beach News – San Diego
  • Bleech Magazine - Spring 2008 teen wearing STW tee.
  • Brentwood News, Los Angeles, CA
  • Buzz Magazine
  • Carmel Pine Cone, Carmel, CA
  • Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul, 2003 (story by Maris Sidenstecker)
  • City Planet – Los Angeles
  • Coast Weekly
  • Complete Woman Magazine
  • Earth News Magazine
  • Easy Reader
  • ECO Magazine
  • Esquire Magazine
  • Evening Outlook Newspaper
  • GO! Monterey County: January 10-16, 2002, Whale Fest
  • Go Magazine: January 21, 2014, Whalefest 2014: A testimony to the evolution of thought
  • Idaho Statesman: Playing Outdoors by Chadd Cripe, March 2, 2017 — Boise Filmmaker joins fight to Save ‘Panda of the Sea’
  • Jezebel
  • Long Beach Press Telegram, Long Beach, CA
  • Los Angeles Herald Examiner
  • Los Angeles Parent Magazine
  • Los Angeles Reader
  • Los Angeles Times – View Section and Orange County edition and County News in Brief
  • Los Angeles Weekly
  • Marine Times 10/2007 Newspaper to the Irish Fishing & Aquaculture Industries
  • The Cambrian Newspaper, Cambria, CA, July 25, 2013 — Coastal Discovery Fair attracts far-flung visitors. Save The Whales received credit for their Leatherback Sea Turtle costume that was worn by several young students during the Cambria Discovery Fair.
  • The Monterey County Herald, Monterey, CA, February 20, 2004 — Maris Sidenstecker: Erin Brockovich of the Sea
  • The Monterey County Herald, Monterey, CA, January 23, 2011 — Front page photo of Educator Tom Kieckhefer and Save The Whales' participation in annual Whale Fest
  • The Monterey County Herald, Monterey, CA, June 30, 2012 — Monterey celebrates plastic bag ban with photograph of Maris Sidenstecker II. Maris Sidenstecker, co-founder of Save the Whales, is dressed in a leatherback sea turtle costume at the "Monterey is Bagging It" event. Plastic bags are a major threat to the animals because they think the bags are jellyfish and have no mechanism for spitting them out, said Sidenstecker.
  • The Monterey County Herald, Monterey, CA, July 25, 2013 — The Boys and Girls Club Works to Keep Kids in Academic Shape over Vacation. The photo is of a young girl is getting ready to hear like a dolphin before Save The Whales' Educators touch her chin with a tuning fork that assimilate how dolphins hear through their lower jaw.
  • Monterey GO, Monterey, CA
  • Monterey County Weekly December 4, 2014 — Save the Whales engages students and special-needs citizens in ocean conservation, Maris Sidenstecker II
  • Monterey County Weekly April 25-May 1, 2013 — Stormwater Blues, Maris Sidenstecker II
  • Orange County Register
  • Palasadian Post, Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Perth Amboy, N.J., several articles re benefit for Alison Rodecker and Save The Whales, 2007
  • Public News Service, CA, November 10, 2015 — Amid Criticism, SeaWorld San Diego to End Orca Shows, Maris Sidenstecker II says orcas swim 100 miles a day in the wild, so it's impossible to recreate their natural habitat in captivity.
  • Register Pajaronian, Watsonville, CA — BALLOON ALERT
  • San Jose Mercury News, March 2007, quotes Maris Sidenstecker re possible downlisting of humpback whales.
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel, February 2013, Natural Bridges State Park marks 27th Annual Migration Festival, quotes Tom Kieckhefer about the saving the vaquita.
  • The Scotsman News- 1/18/08 Maris Sidenstecker quoted.
  • Tomorrow’s Morning
  • Tu Mundo
  • Unidos Magazine
  • USC Newspaper, Los Angeles, CA
  • Variedades Newspaper
  • Variety Magazine
  • Waterfront Magazine
  • Whole Life Times


  • Collateral- released in 2004, Tom Cruise says Save The Whales


  • Life & Times, Battle for the Dolphins
  • One Person Can Make A Difference, 5 minute educational video produced by Save The Whales
  • Wyland and Save The Whales, by Suzanne Garnier-Weythman Productions


  • Face The Facts, an award winning 30-second PSA produced by the Chelmar Production Group, Pasadena, California, for Save The Whales.
  • 30-sec radio ads in English and Spanish to Save The Vaquita Porpoise.


  • 1979  Los Angeles City Schools Award to graduating high school student Maris Sidenstecker for her outreach efforts to school children about whales.
  • 1992 Nominated for Genesis Award Hard Copy, Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2005 Nominated for Paula B. Wainright award by Carmel Valley Women’s Network.
  • 2007 Educator of the Year to Maris Sidenstecker, co-founder and marine biologist  - Save The Whales, by AMBAG, Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
  • 2009 Woman of The Year Award to Maris Sidenstecker by Madison Who's Who.
  • 2011-2013 Voted Top-Rated Great Nonprofit.
  • 2012 Award for the Best Environmental, Conservation and Ecological Organization in the City of Seaside.
  • 2013 José Hernández given award by Monterey Bay Aquarium for being the voice on Save The Whales' radio Public Service Announcements in English and Spanish to Save The Vaquita Porpoise. October 20, 2013.
  • 2014 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Innovator Award for Maris Sidenstecker II by the Department of Pesticide Regulation for educating the public in nurseries about using non-toxic alternatives to pesticides. January 23, 2014.
  • 2015 Save The Whales has been selected four years in a row for the 2015 Best of Seaside Awards for Environmental, Conservation & Ecological Organizations and now qualifies for the Seaside Business Hall of Fame.

*Genesis Awards are presented yearly to a program that brings animal issues to the public’s attention.

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