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Save the  Whales
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Whale Store Gifts
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Proceeds from the sale of merchandise will help support Save The Whales'
educational programs.

True Blue Friend

This thoughtful book introduces children (ages 4-9) to the wonderful world of whales. Kids will enjoy this imaginative tale of friendship which also contains a message about the manmade dangers facing whales today. The educational and interactive CD-ROM (included with each book) teaches facts about these amazing animals—compare whale and fish anatomy, play whale interactive games, learn how dolphins use echolocation, understand the need for conservation to Save The Whales!

Great gift for kids and teachers.


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Humphrey The Wayward Whale

Here is a book based on the true adventures of Humphrey, the humpback whale. In October of 1985, he left the Pacific Ocean, entered San Francisco Bay and swam 70 miles inland. Why did he do it?

Nicely illustrated with black and white drawings. Great book for teachers to read at story time.

Ages 6-10
24 pages


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Chicken Soup for The Ocean Lover's Soul

This is a great gift for anyone who cares about the ocean and the life within it. One hundred short stories written by selected contributers are featured in this inspiring book. We are proud to announce that the story "Fighting For Their Lives" is written by the Co-Founder and Marine Biologist of Save The Whales, Maris Sidenstecker (autographed copies of the book available upon request). The cover of the book features the artwork of marine artist, Wyland. Help support Save The Whales educational outreach program by ordering books directly from us.


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Whale Bookmarks

Whale Book Marks

Measure 2.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches long printed on paper. Collect all 8 whale species!
Blue, Fin, Gray, Humpback, Killer, Minke, N. Atlantic Right Whales and Sperm.

$0.50 each


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