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Save the  Whales
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Song To Heal The Planet

Featuring 16 fun and inspiring songs, “Songs to Heal Our Planet” promises to delight listeners, while at the same time raising awareness about a variety of environmental issues. It uses music to engage young people in learning more about the natural world. Because of the enthusiasm generated by the Save The Whales song (found on home page), additional songs were written by the composer, Joan Cobb. Some of the compositions are "Condor, Condor," words and music written by a girl when she was 11, and "Whales Are Chubby," a poem written by an eight-year old boy and put to music by Joan. Background includes the Beluga Children’s Chorus comprised of eight girls, ages 6-12. MaggyMay Trout sings the original song on the website at age 11. Now 16, she is soloist on many of the Songs Justin Gaudoin, age 16, is the rapper and Tyler Tolles, age 17, the percussionist on "Whale Rap." Tyler also plays percussion on most of the tracks. Ryan Hogans, age 18, solos on "Earth Day" and "Keep It Green."

“After hearing SONGS TO HEAL OUR PLANET, I recommend it for children of all ages. The songs are up-beat and very pleasing to the ear. The lyrics give children good instructions for helping our planet's environment.”

– Nathalie Plotkin, Music and Drama Critic of the Monterey County Herald

“As a fourth grade teacher for 30 years, I would like to recommend the wonderful CD that was made by children, for children, encouraging all of us to take care of Mother Earth. The songs and music are catchy and heartfelt. My students would ask for the songs and we would sing and dance to many of them. It fits wonderfully with any science, music, poetry, language arts, and even art units, as the songs set the mood for wonderful creative ideas. Earth Day is coming up, conservation, and how strongly we are all interconnected.”

– Iris Sullivan, 4th Grade Teacher All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, Carmel, CA

Visit YouTube to view & listen to:


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example of a lead sheet

Music Lead Sheets of the following songs from the Song To Heal Our Planet CD! After purchase of the song or songs through paypal it will be emailed to you in a pdf format.

Save The Whales Song = $0.99

Condor, Condor = $0.99

Vaquita, Chiquita (about the most endangered marine mammal on the planet!) = $0.99

To purchase the music songbook with all the songs go to www.deltawavepress.com and learn more about the composer Joan Cobb and her efforts to educate children about the ocean animals through her songs.

The Whale Song by Scott Lucia

Whale Song Click Here to download this song for $0.99 at iTunes

Scott Lucia is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter from New Jersey who plays the drums in the NJ cover band, “Skull Cramps.” He is a physical fitness buff, an art illustrator, and enjoys traveling a great deal. While whale watching off the coast of Vancouver Island in the summer of 2005, he discovered his love for whales.

Scott would like to give special thanks to Pete Pineyro and Wendy J. Horn for their invaluable contributions to the recording of “The Whale Song.”

Make A Friend Out Of Me by Vinny Pop

Vinny Pop Click Here to download this song for $0.99 at iTunes

Vinny Pop was born on August 18, 1960 as Vincent Ruello. He began his artistic career as a child actor and performer at the age of 7. His first band was formed when he was 14 and many school concerts followed.

Vinny says, '' I loved The Beatles as a child and still do.'' At age 26, he had his first ''hit'' in 1986 with the song Halleys Comet. Channel 10 in Sydney aired Halleys Comet at the time, and even created the film clip using space footage from the NASA space ship Giotto which was following the comet.

His then-band was called Drops Of Light and he wrote the song. The second independent release was a song called “Never Knew The Way,” which was released worldwide in video discos and a dance track in 1988. This song was a hit prediction on Video Hits 1989. Vincent went solo in 1991 after a moment of ''epiphany,'' and decided to dedicate his musical talents to help his community and the world.

In 1993, he approached the Australian Government because he wanted to assist in jails with prisoner rehab. Vincent produced and auditioned inmates for the charity album called ''Hope Album.'' In late 1993, it was signed to Warner Chappel Music, an affiliate of Warner Bros Music. Extensive media coverage followed and programs were set up around Australia. They are still used in order to allow inmates to release pain by utilizing the recordings of their words and music.

Songs of the Humpback Compact Disc

A beautiful and rare recording of humpbacks. Brings relaxation and reflection to listeners. There is no instrumental background added - only whale voices. This original recording of whale songs, included in the National Geographic Magazine 1979 issue and carried abroad the Voyager I and Voyager II spacecraft, has been heard by millions of people around the world and is still the best selling nature album of all time. Humpback whales change their songs every year, and none from recent years have ever matched the beauty of these recordings. Great education tool for teachers!


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Music from the DNA of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises

Music from the DNA of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises All the songs on this CD are based upon the DNA sequences of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Many of the species were included because they are endangered species. Fifteen animals were selected.

The whales included: Blue, Minke, Sei, Orca, Humpback, Gray, Narwhal, Beluga, Right, and Beaked.

The dolphins and porpoises are: Harbor, Boutos, Bottle-nosed, Baiji, and Vaquita.

DNAudio Technology uses the genetic code to form musical notes and chords instead of proteins. A song can be produced from anything that is living or has ever been alive if DNA or RNA is present. This technology allows scientists to produce a unique song for every animal, plant, bacteria, pets, even individual people or families. Great gift for science and music teachers or anyone interested in the way technology can decipher genes into music! Have fun listening and matching each species to their unique musical make-up.


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AWESOME Whales For Kids! (DVD)

More than 11,000 hours of recording whales was edited to 67 minutes! Share the joy of spending time with whales where they live.

Look a whale in the eye, see it fly, it can stand on its head, or wave goodbye. If you didn't know whales could do these things and much more, join us for the time of your life!

Most children will never meet a whale face-to-face or be surprised by a 50-ton humpback flying in a graceful breach into the air or be told to "Watch out.that whale is going to breathe on you!" We captured all this and more while kids of all ages (and their families) were mesmerized by their antics.

Your children will feel like they are on the boat watching as: a baby humpback whale plays with seaweed and a plastic bucket, a humpback whale lifts her 12,000 pound calf out of the water on her back, a humpback whale blow as people look down at her, a humpback whale named Colt trumpets loudly when another whale swims over and puts its chin on his back, and four humpback whales circle the boat and begin singing!

In addition to twenty-six named humpback whales, you'll visit with fin whales, minke whales, white-sided dolphins, ocean sunfish, leatherback turtle and a huge basking shark! Your children will want to see this one again and again! Children as young as age 2 have been entranced by this dvd.


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NEW Whale Yoga for KIds! (DVD)

Jodi Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga, has created a fun yoga routine for kids called Whale Yoga. Using the Pacific humpback whales in Hawaii as inspiration, Jodi teaches yoga stretches and breathing exercises that imitate the movement and behavior of these giants of the sea. Next Generation Yoga makes the yoga experience enjoyable, imaginative, and exciting for kids Music by composer Ron Franklin adds a warm touch which matches the mood of each whale yoga pose. Ron's song "Wild and Living Sea" is the inspiration for Whale Yoga. The song is included with video footage of humpback whales near Maui. Part of the proceeds from directly support Save The Whales education and outreach programs to school children. Total running time approximately 30 minutes. Appropriate for kids ages 2 and up.

See a video preview of Whale Yoga For KIds DVD from www.NextGenerationYoga.com


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Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names (DVD)

Salt & Friends: Humpback Whales With Names (DVD) is a remarkable one hour award-winning story about fifteen individual humpback whales and their families. Salt & Friends has been produced to show whales as individuals, with distinct (and often hilarious) personalities.

Salt is the first whale to be given a name and studied for more than 30 years. During this period of time, she has thrilled whale watchers by bringing a total of ten calves right up to the side of their boats! Each calf has been named and one female calf (Thalassa) has provided Salt with five grandcalves!

Salt is indeed the most sighted and most loved whale in the world. Over the years, millions of whale watchers have ventured offshore for a chance to meet this amazing and awe-inspiring humpback whale.

You will meet several humpback whale families and learn how scientists identify individuals!

Children and adults find it to be entertaining and educational. Recommended for ages 5 and older. An excellent educational tool for teachers to provide a new way to think about whales.


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