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Save the  Whales
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How Your Actions Help

Last year, we had a petition on our website to prevent a marina in the Turks & Caicos Islands that would have impacted the humpback whales during their migration.

Please see the response from the person who asked us to put a petition up on our website: This demonstrates how your actions do help the whales and other marine mammals. We have to keep plugging away even on the lesser known problems as we do achieve some victories.

Thank you for taking action.

Maris Sidenstecker I, Co-Founder - Save The Whales

Email from Cindi Robertson:

It's been about a year since you (Save The Whales) helped me with a petition on behalf of the Humpback whales in Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands. If you recall the island had been bought by a Slovakian developer who was attempting to build a MEGA YACHT marina through the migratory path of the Atlantic Humpbacks.

Several months had gone by while the UK sent down a forensic team to look into illegal money laundering and possible corruption in the TCI. They found plenty!

The UK have taken over the islands, and those people that were in political positions will be called into court where this will be continued. The developer of Salt Cay has left, and the marina has been STOPPED.

I was able to send the petition to the correct people in the UK where they will use it if necessary. I spoke via email with several attorneys for the UK regarding the petition and they have asked me to support it in court if that time comes. I said yes.

Therefore, this is a HAPPY ENDING and I wanted you to know that I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I can only hope that we can continue to get happy endings to stories on behalf of the whales!

Humpback Breach

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