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Marine Mammals of the World:
A Comprehensive Guide to their Identification

New Marine Mammal Field Guide Book

by Thomas A. Jefferson, Ph.D,
Marc A. Webber & Robert L. Pittman
Illlustrations by Brett Jarrett
Published by Elsevier

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Watching Giants: The Secret Lives of Whales

by Elin Kelsey

Watching Giants by Elin Kelsey

Personal, anecdotal, and highly engaging, Watching Giants opens a window on a world that seems quite like our own, yet is so different that understanding it pushes the very limits of our senses. Elin Kelsey's colorful first-person account, drawing from her rich, often humorous, everyday experiences as a mother, a woman, and a scientist, takes us to the incredibly productive waters of the Gulf of California and beyond, to oceans around the world. Kelsey brings us along as she talks to leading cetacean researchers and marine ecologists about their intriguing discoveries. We encounter humpback whales that build nets from bubbles, gain a disturbing maternal perspective on the dolphin-tuna issue, uncover intimate details about whale sex, and contemplate the meaning of the complex social networks that exist in the seas. What emerges alongside these fascinating snapshots of whale culture is a dizzying sense of the tremendous speed with which we are changing the oceans' ecosystems—through overfishing, noise pollution, even real estate development. Watching Giants introduces a world of immense interconnectivity and beauty—one that is now facing imminent peril.

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this spectacular book!


Eye of the Whale

by Douglas Carlton Abrams

National bestseller Doug Abrams delivers a captivating ecological thriller about a marine biologist whose fate is altered after the unexpected appearance of a humpback whale sends her on a race to discover the meaning of its mysterious song and its implications for human survival.

Eye of the Whale  by Douglas Carlton Abrams

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this fascinating bestseller!


Saving The Whales: A Bwana Doc Adventure

by D. R. Schneider

When the destruction of the environment by global industries
and governments continues unchecked,
All protests and laws have failed,
The odds are against the planet and the situation is grim,
Only one man can stop the devastation,

Bwana Doc!

Saving The Whales: A Bwana Doc Adventure
by D. R. Schneider

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to purchase this amazing book!


For the following books try Amazon.com

A Whale For The Killing
by Farley Mowat

Behind The Dolphin Smile
by Richard O'Barry

Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul
by Jack Canfield

D is For Dolphin
by Cami Berg & Illustrated by Janet Biondi

Eye of the Whale
by Dick Russell

In The Company of Whales
by Alexandra Morton

Island of the Blue Dolphins
by Scott O'Dell

Killer Whales of the World
by Robin w. Baird

Mind In The Waters
by Joan McIntyre

Moby Dick
by Herman Melville

Orca, The Whale Called Killer
by Erich Hoyt

Seasons of the Whales
by Erich Hoyt

Silent Spring
by Rachel Carson

Song of Sedna
by Robert D. San Souci

Song of the Whale
by Rex Wyler

The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins
by Stephen Leatherwood & Randall Reeves

The Whales of Hawaii
by Kenneth C. Balcomb III & Illustrated by Larry Foster

Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises
by National Geographic Society

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