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February E-Newsletter – Dee, the Beautiful Whale

January 2017 E-Newsletter

January E-Newsletter – In Memoriam The Orca Tilikum

November-December E-Newsletter – Can These Orcas Be Saved?

October E-Newsletter – What Happened to the Orca, L95?

August-September E-Newsletter – New Whale "Discovered"

July E-Newsletter Ear Wax In Whales It Tells Us A Lot

June E-Newsletter – More Whales Are Dying From Plastic Ingestion

May 2016 E-Newsletter –Update on Vaquita: The News is Not Good But We Are Not Giving Up

Feb 2016 E-Newsletter – Whales are Dying From Plastic Ingestion

Dec 2015 E-Newsletter – Monterey Gives! So Can You, No Matter Where You Live!

Nov 2015 E-Newsletter – Save The Whales' Supporters through Monterey County Gives!


Sep 2015 E-Newsletter – Memuco Brings His Art to Endangered Species

Feb 2015 E-Newsletter – LOLITA Given Endangered Species Status

Jan 2015 E-Newsletter – MIRACLE MARCH FOR LOLITA, JANUARY 17, 2015

Dec 2014 E-Newsletter – Happy Holidays & Accomplishments 2014


June & Aug 2014 E-Newsletter – Emergency! Will the Vaquita Porpoise Become Extinct? Only 97 Remain

May 2014 E-Newsletter – Maui's Dolphin - Vaquita Porpoise: Who is the Most Endangered?

April 2014 E-Newsletter – Sonar and Explosives Could Harm Thousands of Marine Animals

March 2014 E-Newsletter – Japan Must Cease Whaling in Antarctica

February 2014 E-Newsletter – CAPTIVE ORCA LOLITA: Release and Retirement Plan

January 2014 E-Newsletter – New Species of River Dolphin Found in Brazil

December 2013 E-Newsletter – Good News for the Holidays

November 2013 E-Newsletter – URGENT - Sign Morgan's Petition

October 2013 E-Newsletter – Fiesta Del Mar, Monterey Bay Aquarium Sunday, October 20, 2013

September 2013 E-Newsletter – The Tragedy of Captivity: It Needs to End

July 2013 E-Newsletter – URGENT! Iceland Resumes Killing Fin Whales to be Processed for Dog Treats

June 2013 E-Newsletter – Amazing Young Fundraisers

April/May 2013 E-Newsletter – PLEASE HELP Entangled and Injured Marine Mammals

Feb/March 2013 E-Newsletter – Please Sign Petition to Stop Seismic Airgun Activity Off Atlantic Coast

January 2013 E-Newsletter – ACTION ALERT: Sign Petition to Stop Trade in Polar Bear Parts

December 2012 E-Newsletter – Thank you to STW's Supporters!

November 2012 E-Newsletter – STW WILL RECEIVE MATCHING FUNDS!

October 2012 E-Newsletter – URGENT Beluga Whales Need Your HELP!

September 2012 E-Newsletter – URGENT STOP SEISMIC TESTING

August 2012 E-Newsletter – 64th Annual IWC Meeting

June 2012 E-Newsletter – Naval Sonar Testing

May 2012 E-Newsletter – Polar Bears Need Your Help

March/April 2012 E-Newsletter – Saved Baby Gray Whale

February 2012 E-Newsletter – Concert in Mexico to Benefit Vaquita

January 2012 E-Newsletter Ship Strikes and Whales

December 2011 E-Newsletter

November 2011 E-Newsletter

October 2011 E-Newsletter

September 2011 E-Newsletter

July/August 2011 E-Newsletter

June 2011 E-Newsletter

February 2011 E-Newsletter

January 2011 E-Newsletter

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