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The vaquita porpoise is on the brink of extinction with only 60 left in the world. Most people in the world have never heard of the vaquita. The panda of the sea is a shy, elusive porpoise that only lives in a small area in the northern Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Only discovered in 1958 they could be extinct in the next couple of years.

Dead Vaquita in a Gillnet

Nets set for shrimp and fish are deadly for the endangered vaquita, a marine mammal. Entangled in fishing nets, the vaquita drown as they are not able to reach the surface to breathe.

Accelerating their demise is the illegal totoaba fishing operation where swim bladders (worth over $10,000 each) are sold from this endangered fish to the Chinese for an aphrodisiac.

Save The Whales has been working to save the small porpoise, along with scientists, nonprofit organizations, governments and individuals. With support from Save The Whales members, contributions, and The American Cetacean Society (Monterey Bay Chapter) we launched a digital ad in New York City, Times Square, to raise awareness for this species. The ad will wrap around two sides of the building located at 1500 Broadway and 43rd Avenue in Times Square and will run every hour for 10 seconds. Over one million people visit Times Square daily from all over the world. We need donations to keep the ad running through July 2015. Please contribute to: 

Any donation amount is appreciated.

Vaquita Eye
Click on the image above to see the digital ad in New York City, Times Square

Act Now:

Sign Petitions for vaquita in English or Spanish

Email the President of Mexico Sr. Enrique Peña Nieto at:


and ask him to stop the illegal totoaba fishing to save the vaquita. Ask him to honor his promise to the local (and legal) fishermen to compensate them for not fishing in the vaquita area.

To learn more about vaquita go to:                                   

Vaquita Video (English/Spanish):

Souls of the Vermilion Sea: Searching for the Vaquita
from Wild Lens

Souls of the Vermilion Sea is a feature length documentary about the struggle to save the world's most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita. Searching for the Vaquita is the first short film in an ongoing series about this small species of porpoise, focusing on the Vaquita Survey Mission that took place in the Fall of 2015. See what life was like on board the vaquita survey vessel, Ocean Starr, and hear about the struggle to save this species from top vaquita experts as well as local fisherman.

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